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Press Release: The Seasons from Perry City Road, Poems 2012-2017


Contact: Lex E Santi

Phone: 607-279-8830

Title: "The Seasons from Perry City Road: A Journey Through Grief, Renewal, and the Healing Power of Poetry. Selected Poems 2012-2017"

Author: Lex E Santi, LCSW, MFA

Publisher: A Key Therapy Publications

Release Date: April 1, 2024

Location: Trumansburg, NY

Date: April 10, 2024

Embark on a Profound Journey of Healing and Renewal in Lex E Santi’s Latest Poetry Collection

Trumansburg, NY, April 10, 2024 – Lex E Santi, LCSW, MFA, a distinguished poet and therapist, proudly announces the release of his latest poetry collection, "The Seasons from Perry City Road: A Journey Through Grief, Renewal, and the Healing Power of Poetry. Selected Poems 2012-2017."

This moving anthology, published by A Key Therapy Publications, became available on April 1, 2024, and invites readers into the depths of the human heart through the lens of poetry.

In "The Seasons from Perry City Road," Santi continues the narrative begun in his previous collection, offering readers a deeply personal glimpse into his life in Trumansburg, a serene enclave just north of Ithaca, NY. This work navigates the tumultuous waters of loss, from the dissolution of a marriage to the grieving of a miscarriage, framed by the rustic beauty and harsh winters of Central New York.

Yet, Santi’s collection transcends the mere recounting of sorrow. It is a journey of self-discovery and healing, where each poem serves as a step towards renewal. Accompanied by his dog, Pago. Santi turns to the solace found in nature, the wisdom of poets like Hafiz, and the support of friends to chart a course through his darkest moments towards a light of understanding and acceptance.

Dedicated to his wife, Shona, and their child, Gordon, this book is a powerful ode to love, loss, and the resilience required to move beyond the pain. It's a narrative that encapsulates Santi's evolution from grief to a state of grace, making peace with the past to embrace the present.

Availability: "The Seasons from Perry City Road" is now available at Buffalo Street Books and Odyssey Books in Ithaca, NY. It can be ordered from independent bookstores and available online at

About the Author: Lex E Santi, LCSW, MFA, merges the worlds of therapy and poetry to explore and heal the human condition. His work reflects a deep understanding of the complexities of grief and the transformative power of words.

For review copies, interviews, or to schedule a reading, please contact: Lex E Santi

Phone: 607-279-8830

For more information about Lex E Santi and his work, visit

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