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Therapy with Lex

Lex Enrico Santí, LCSW

Clinical Mental Health Therapist, Social Worker

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Here to help

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and looking for support?

I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing trouble in their lives and are looking for support. I use a variety of tool-kits, that comprise a lot of acronyms like IFS, CBT, DBT and I try to match what suits you best. At worst, you get a really great education on therapy; at best, I help you change your life.

Essentially, I feel the commonality of all the work I do, falls under the umbrella of the practice of Mindfulness. I believe that the work of healing always goes back to an internal place. Summed up, Mindfulness is the practice that brings attention and awareness to your life--in all its facets and minutiae. I write more about Mindfulness here in this blog post, but essentially if we look to change the world around us we will always grow frustrated.

Look to change

This is not to say that there is nothing we can do to change the world around us but that it is often our reaction to the world that great affects our state of mind. One of my favorite mantras is: anyplace can be a hell, anyplace can be a heaven.

"Your problem is you're holding onto your unworthiness."
--Ram Dass

My great interest and journey in this life is working with individuals and couples, young and old, who are looking on themselves and start a new path in life. Here are some of my areas of expertise.

Specializing in the following:

Life transitions

Relationship troubles, couples work, specifically focused on communication

Increasing work effectiveness

Motivation to change your life

Masculinity and young adulthood


Conflict resolution

Self esteem issues

Anxiety and stress

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