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The Year I took a Photo a Day

From 2010-2011, now 12 years ago, I took a photo a day.

This is how I described it back then:

From March 1st, 2010 until March 31st, 2011 I took a picture a day with my iPhone and posted it to Facebook. The year was my crash course in capturing light, framing a shot, using photo effects, working with iPhoney zoom lens, stitching shots and developing my aesthetics for what film, lenses looked best with what scene. I still have much to learn.

It was a time when I was learning rapidly what it meant to be present and sometimes too distracted with my phone. The project was a lot of fun and if you're looking for a way to "get into something" please know when I give the advice: dive right in. I took my own advice back in the day.

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