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The Seasons from Perry City Road

A Journey Through Grief, Renewal, and the Healing Power of Poetry


Selected Poems 2012-2017

118 pages

Published in 2023

"The Seasons from Perry City Road: A Journey Through Grief, Renewal, and the Healing Power of Poetry. Selected Poems 2012-2017" by Lex E Santi, LCSW, MFAThe seasons from Perry City, is a poignant collection of poetry penned by Lex E Santi, a writer and therapist whose words resonate with deep emotion and introspection. This book follows in the footsteps of his previous work, "Time Away, A Journey in Verse, Selected Poems 95-05," and takes readers on a profound journey through the seasons of life in Perry City, a hamlet just north of Ithaca, NY.

Within these pages, Santi's poetry takes on a contemplative tone, inviting readers to bear witness as he finds solace in an old farmhouse on Perry City Road—a place, just down the road, from where his stepfather had passed away five years prior to his return to the area. Armed with a book of Hafiz's poems and a winter's supply of herb, alongside his faithful companion, Pago, Santi embarks on a quest to unravel the complexities of life. The poetry cry on some pages, and on others beam with happiness.

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