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Secrets of Publishing Revealed!

An Editor's Guide to the Publishing World


Secrets of Publishing Revealed!

122 pages

Published in 2024

"Secrets of Publishing Revealed! An Editor's Guide to the Literary World" by Lex E Santí, MFA, LCSW is a collection of 20 essays written by the former Editor in Chief of Our Stories Literary Journal, a well regarded literary journal from 2006 to 2017. In this book, Lex E Santí shares valuable insights and guidance for aspiring writers on how to present their literary work effectively to journals, literary agents, and creative writing workshops.

Within these pages, Mr. Santí invites you to witness the hidden world of literary creation. You'll stand beside him as he examines submissions, unraveling the intricacies of effective presentation and dismantling the opaque walls of the publishing industry. Witness the nurturing spirit of a literary journal, where stories blossom under the discerning gaze of editors, before finally reaching the eager hands of readers.

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