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Poetry: Plum Ruby Review

These poems were the first I ever published. In August of 2004. They were early in my writing career and both came out as bolts as lightening. Originally appearing in the Plum Ruby Review.


What would it be like to eat a dinner with a plate 6 feet around that was served on my lap would I tip it up and slide it down into my M O U T H? Mashing Magical Vegetables avocado pits pop out when you scrape with the butter knife that you shouldn’t have used to stab your index finger to the bone a hard pit that you jump into pull into and remains at your core.


Tora Bora, 1982. Communists surround the mountain balancing all that is on our back and all that we have in front of us we hop hop hop from rock to a tumbling rock that eventually slides down crack crack as the trigger pins pulled grenade is tossed spinning up along all around as the wondrous view epileptically shaking around us in 360 degrees sun goes down sun goes up then the crest is attained the cherub bushes that stand off on the edges of my periphery stare like Mexican peasants standing with blankets over shoulders all in green worshiping the descent of the world’s great sacrifices are always told in the footnotes received in a volcano they are expecting the miracle to brush across the side of their face a blessing He is also an observer here but the connection between the two of us freedom fighters separated by religion and culture and the sound of the fallout of the blast now brings the two of us together one mission under God.

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