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Best of our stories

Unique short stories and interviews


Volume I

284 pages


Volume 1 of "The Best of Our Stories" is an extraordinary compilation that not only features illuminating interviews with literary luminaries such as Richard Bausch, Paul Cody, George Saunders, and Matthew Sharpe but also highlights the exceptional short stories published at "Our Stories," an innovative online literary journal founded by Lex Enrico Santi, the Editor-in-Chief.

Within these pages, readers will discover a rich tapestry of stories that have graced the virtual pages of "Our Stories." Chuckie Campbell, Nicholas Cook, Matthew Hamity, Brian Heston, William Hicklin, Cara Hoffman, Lyn LeJeune, Thomas Lisenbee, Christian McLean, Sandy Olson Hill, JE Ogle, Jenni Di Placidi, Jennifer Reimer, David Rosenstock, Jeremey Adam Smith, Patti Smith-Jackson, Amy Stuber, Thea Swanson, Pete Syverson, Veronica Vela, and Mark Vogel—all have contributed their unique voices to this literary tapestry.

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