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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Sometimes you have to begin doing the things you really love. Do you ever feel like you begin things and then you get to the next stage and you're not so sure where things are going? The first blog entry is not supposed to be too impressive, as everything after this should mean something much more.

But writing has always been part of my life and now I'm working with writing and therapy. Writing about therapy. I don't make mention of any of the stories that my client raise in these sessions. Even if I mention that someone told me once, I'm never talking about a client. The session I have with clients are sacred.

I was trained as a creative writing, I did my MFA at a time when I wasn't sure how the work of therapy would be intertwined with my life. As I have been in the field of therapy I have begun thinking more elastically about the field and what are some of the themes that I have encountered in this work. So the blog is what comes next. If you're visiting the website looking for a therapist then--here I am. My best way of sharing who I am is by providing you with my writing. After all, Neruda said: "If you ask me what my poetry is, I'd have to say: I don't know. But if you ask my poetry, she'll tell you who I am."

That works for me too.

Here comes Ithacan therapy. That's the spot. A little corner where I, the Ithacan, can discuss some aspects of what it means to work with people. That and post pictures of dogs and landscapes and that sort of thing. Maybe write a poem or two.

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